Daily maintenance and maintenance of spray gun


We know that the paint has a certain viscosity. If the […]

We know that the paint has a certain viscosity. If the residual paint is not cleaned after the spray gun is operated, the atomization hole will be blocked after the paint dries, which will affect the next spray application. In order to ensure that the spray gun has continuous and efficient spraying performance and a longer service life, the cleaning and maintenance of the spray gun should be done in time after the daily spraying operation.
The daily maintenance of the spray gun mainly lies in cleaning, that is, the cleaning of the three-piece needle, nozzle, cap and paint passage. After using the spray gun that day, be sure to clean the needle, hood and outside of the nozzle with the cleaning brush provided with the gun, and flush the paint passage with thinner. And after cleaning, the hood should be installed on the spray gun immediately to protect the nozzle, so as not to accidentally knock the nozzle and deform it and affect the spraying effect. The hood and needle of the Tweed spray gun should be cleaned daily, but for the nozzle, it can be cleaned regularly, because once the nozzle is disassembled and not installed and tightened, it is easy to cause the gun to jump during the next spraying. Therefore, the nozzle of the spray gun should only be disassembled and cleaned regularly, and the installation must be confirmed before installation and use after disassembly.
When disassembling the three-piece set of needle, nozzle, and cap, strictly follow the disassembly sequence of the hood, needle, and nozzle to avoid man-made damage. Other parts of the spray gun should not be disassembled. If necessary, please ask professional technicians for maintenance. Disassemble the needle, mouth and cap according to the following steps:
Step 1: Remove the air cap
Step 2: Remove the needle adjusting knob and spring
Step 3: Remove the needle
Step 4: Unscrew the nozzle with a special wrench
Do the daily maintenance and cleaning of the spray gun, and the theoretical service life of the spray gun can reach 3 years. In foreign countries, spray guns with a service life of more than 5 years are everywhere. In addition to daily cleaning, the daily spray gun should also be used: before the spray gun is used and after cleaning or maintenance, make sure that all parts on the spray gun are tight; when spraying, use the air pressure specified in the manual. The recommended air inlet pressure of the Tweed spray gun is 2.0 Bar. Excessive pressure will affect the spraying quality; after the spraying operation, the spray gun and the hose should be separated immediately. In addition, when cleaning the spray gun, remember not to soak the entire spray gun in thinner water (banjo water), which will greatly reduce the service life of the spray gun.

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