Do you know the problems that need attention in automatic spray gun operation?


There are many friends who want to respond to the edito […]

There are many friends who want to respond to the editor, automatic spray guns will always have such problems during operation. The spraying effect is not ideal. How can we avoid them? Today, the editor will tell you a few problems that need to be paid attention to during operation of automatic spray guns. .
   1. Control of the trigger
  The automatic spray gun is controlled by the trigger. The deeper the trigger, the greater the liquid flow rate. In the process of traditional spraying equipment, the trigger is always depressed instead of half depressed. In order to avoid the accumulation of paint sprayed at the end of each shot, the experienced painter should slightly relax the trigger to reduce the paint supply.
   2. The orientation of the spray gun to the surface of the substrate
  The spray gun should be vertical to the surface of the substrate, or try to keep it vertical. If the automatic spray gun is slightly skewed, the result will definitely cause the spray band to flow to one side, and the other side will appear dry and thin, lacking paint, which is very likely to cause streak-like coating.


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