For the maintenance of the spray gun?


Jump gun the reason: 1. The nozzle is not tightened or […]

Jump gun
the reason:
1. The nozzle is not tightened or installed
2. The needle seal kit is loose
3. The connecting nut of the spray gun is loose (lower pot spray gun)
4. Insufficient paint in the pot
5. The nozzle set is damaged
1. Tighten the nozzle or clean and install the nozzle set
2. Fasten the thimble seal kit
3. Tighten the connecting nut
4. Supplementary paint
5. Replace nozzle set
Upper or lower spray width
the reason:
1. The air outlet of the nozzle, thimble or air cap is blocked by debris
2. Damaged air cap or nozzle
1. Clean the nozzle set
2. Replace the nozzle set
Phenomenon: no paint or a small amount of paint
the reason:
1. The air supplement hole of the gun pot cover is blocked or the air cap and the suction tube are seriously blocked
2. There is no paint in the pot
3. The thimble stroke is too small
1. Clean the air supplement hole, air cap and suction tube on the lid
2. Supplementary paint
3. Turn the paint flow adjustment knob to increase the stroke of the needle valve

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