How to choose the caliber of the paint spray gun according to the characteristics of the paint?


Everyone knows that there are many types of paints, and […]

Everyone knows that there are many types of paints, and each type of paint is suitable for spraying different products, so the paint should be selected according to the actual use. When we choose a good paint to spray our products, how should we choose paint spray guns of different calibers?
The paint mainly depends on the size of its viscosity. For general paint, the diameter of 1.0MM or 1.3MM is often chosen to accompany the mother. Common 1.0MM is top coat spraying, 1.3 is primer spraying. The above two calibers refer to general UV paint and general paint.
But when we spray polyurethane paint, we need to pay attention to choosing an automatic spray gun with a slightly larger caliber, such as a caliber above 1.5MM. The main reason is that some of its viscosity is much higher than that of our ordinary paints, and large-caliber spray guns will not be particularly easy to block.
In addition, when choosing the caliber, we need to use a viscosity cup to measure the viscosity of the paint. Such viscosity data will be more accurate and help us choose the right paint spray gun.

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