How to maintain and maintain the rotary cup electrostatic spray gun?


First, the electrostatic spray gun should be kept clean […]

First, the electrostatic spray gun should be kept clean frequently. Do not soak the gun body in solvent when cleaning. Hold the electrostatic spray gun and clean it carefully with a soft brush or cloth dipped in solvent. Do not disassemble at will except for malfunctions. In order to ensure the source of the electrostatic spray gun, disassembly is limited to the replacement of parts due to failure. The spray gun should be hung on the hook frequently, and the power switch should be turned off when not in use for a short time. In order to make the spray gun lighter, the gun body is made of resin, and the strength is fully considered in the design, but you must still be careful not to drop it when using it. The nozzle must be carefully cleaned at the end of the operation.
When the cleaning nozzle is clogged, do not use metal piercing such as iron wire. It should be soaked in a solvent and then blown with compressed air. Do not use a metal brush to clean. The nozzle should also be cleaned frequently during the operation. The paint attached to the nozzle part will cause poor atomization and affect the electrostatic effect. Paint hoses and cables should be kept clean from time to time. Do not attach paint and other debris. Do not let the paint hose and cable be subject to mechanical shock.


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