How to operate the spray gun safely?


1. Purpose Through standardized operating procedures, t […]

1. Purpose
Through standardized operating procedures, to ensure that the processed workpieces meet the quality requirements, to avoid accidents caused by irregular operations.
2. Adaptation range
3. Homework preparation
(1) Clean the spray gun and paint;
(2) Check for leaks in the gates of the air pump;
(3) Air pressure should meet 3 ~ 5bar, room temperature is around 25 ℃, and humidity is low
At 85%;
(4) Check whether the fan works normally;
(5) Prepare the workpiece, paint and drying rack.
4. Operating procedures
(1) First tighten the trigger with both hands to open the air flow channel, and then apply a little force
Withhold plate machine to make paint spray out from the muzzle;
(2) Adjust the fan-shaped area of ​​spraying according to different plates;
(3) During the spraying process, the spray gun must be at a right angle to the plate to be sprayed.
The body should move with the movement of the spray gun;
(4) The linear distance between the spray gun and the object to be sprayed is between 15 and 25 cm;
 (5) The speed during spraying is 30 ~ 60 cm / sec;
(6) The "ten" cross spray method must be used when spraying.
5. Precautions
(1) Operators must be qualified for training before they can start operations;
(2) Spraying by non-operators is strictly prohibited;
(3) It is strictly forbidden to bring flames into the workplace;
(4) The operator must wear a gas mask;
(5) After the operation is completed, the fan and air pump need to be cleaned in time.

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