How to test the atomization effect of the new automatic spray gun?


Automatic spray gun is a kind of equipment that uses li […]

Automatic spray gun is a kind of equipment that uses liquid or compressed air to release quickly as a power. It can be used to spray various paints such as water-based paint, primer and topcoat. Next, Weiner Machinery will tell you how to test the atomization effect of the new automatic spray gun.
One of the wrong atomization test methods: use a volatile solvent (thinner) to test the spray gun
The volatile solvent has a low boiling point. After being atomized by the spray gun, a part of it has been volatilized. Finally, there is not much solvent sprayed on the spray pattern test paper, and the test result cannot be accurately obtained; and the thinner material is misty during the atomization process Relatively erratic and unstable.
The right way: spray directly with paint
Wrong atomization test method two: judge the atomization effect of the spray gun with naked eyes
Affected by air flow, viewing angle and light, direct observation with naked eyes actually cannot directly tell whether the spray gun atomization effect is normal.
Correct way: aim the spray gun at the spray pattern test paper during testing, and then judge the atomization effect by the shape of the spray pattern.
Wrong atomization test method 3: Use incorrect spray air pressure to test the spray gun
The spraying air pressure is high, which causes the spray pattern to be deformed. The tested spray pattern is in the shape of "8", with large ends of the spray pattern and small in the middle; the low spraying pressure causes the paint to be insufficiently atomized, and the spray pattern is small and the paint is concentrated.
Correct way: The spray gun should be adjusted according to the parameters recommended by the Sata spray gun package during the test, and the atomization test should be performed under the recommended air pressure and distance.
Wrong atomization test method four: test spray pattern with water
The viscosity of water (approximately 11 seconds/DIN4) is lower than that of paint. When using a normal spray air pressure test, the spray pattern will be larger at both ends and smaller in the middle.
Correct way: It is best to use paint to test directly. If conditions only allow water to test the spray pattern, please reduce the spraying air pressure to half of the recommended spraying air pressure.
Correct and complete test method of atomization effect
1. Adjust the spraying air pressure and distance according to the recommended parameters at the bottom of the automatic spray gun packaging box.
2. Adjust the paint output and spray width of the spray gun to the maximum. The spray gun and the spray width test paper are at a 90° angle, and the trigger is pulled down for about 2 seconds.
3. Observe whether the spray pattern sprayed on the test paper is normal.

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