How to use automatic spray gun? (1)


1. Sufficient air Compressors with sufficient gas produ […]

1. Sufficient air
Compressors with sufficient gas production and gas storage tanks with suitable capacity. The diameter of the compressed air pipe automatic spray gun is the key to obtain a sufficient amount of compressed air. In particular, the inner diameter of the compressed air hose should be at least 8 mm, so as to avoid too much pressure drop. Anti-static, thin material-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant paint spray hoses should be used.
2. Clean compressed air
Rock spray gun can use air purification system to achieve clean air. Due to the reduced pressure in the air hose and regulator, the air inlet pressure of the gun must be detected and adjusted.
3. Paint flow control
According to the viscosity of the paint and the required adjustment of the flow rate, usually the paint flow control button is fully open. Take the Guinness (HTE, GEO) spray gun as an example, if the viscosity of the paint is 15-16s for 4 cups of viscometer, after the flow control valve is tightened, loosen 2.5-3 turns to spray the best atomization effect .
4. Spraying speed
Because different spray gun models, paint viscosity, air pressure, spray width, spraying distance requirements are different, spraying speeds are also different. Take the Guinness (HTE) spray gun as an example: if the viscosity is 15-17s, the air pressure is 2.5 bar, the spray width is fully open, and the distance is 20cm. Then the best spraying speed is 80-100 cm per second. The spraying effect according to the above data operation is the best and the most material saving.
5. Overlapping spray patterns
When spraying, the spray pattern overlap is: flat spray is 2/1 overlap. Wet spray is 3/2 overlap.

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