The advantage of spray gun


When the compressed air produced by the air compressor […]

When the compressed air produced by the air compressor is ejected from the air cap at the front of the spray gun, a low pressure area lower than the atmospheric pressure is created at the front of the paint nozzle connected with it. The automatic selection of spraying gun is included. The pressure difference produced by the muzzle of spraying gun sucks the coating out of the paint tank and sprays particles on the surface of the coating under the action of high-speed spraying force of compressed air.

The gun is grasped by the palm, thumb, pinky and ring finger, the middle finger and index finger are used to pull the trigger. Some sprayers change their way of holding guns from time to time when they work for a long time. Sometimes they just use their thumbs and palms to match their pinkies, sometimes they use their ring fingers to hold guns, and their middle and index fingers to pull triggers. Electrostatic spraying equipment can relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.

The high-power airless spray gun has a rated power of 1200W and is more stable. Intelligent knob sprays adjust to meet your different volume requirements, simple and convenient.
The super designed exhaust port has faster heat dissipation, more stability and more durable work. Dust proof and waterproof switch design is more secure and intimate. Match the ergonomic principles of the handle to make your work easier and more efficient.

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