Introduction of main components and functions of automatic spray gun


The working principle of the automatic spray gun: paint […]

The working principle of the automatic spray gun: paint is placed in the tank, the trigger is pulled, compressed air enters the spray gun, and the airflow passes through the air cap nozzle to form a partial vacuum. The paint is sucked to the opened nozzle, forming a misty jet and sprays the misty paint A fan-shaped mist jet is formed under the air pressure of the side nozzle.

Functions of main components of automatic spray gun:

  ①Air cap: Introduce compressed air into the paint flow to atomize the paint liquid into a mist shape;

  ②The center hole of the nozzle: forming a vacuum to suck out the paint;

  ③The upper side hole of the nozzle: control the shape of the mist with the help of air pressure;

④Auxiliary holes on the nozzle gun: to promote the atomization of the paint B. Large and many holes: strong atomization ability C. Small and few holes result in less spray air and poor atomization ability, which facilitates the spraying of small workpieces at low speed Jet stream

  ⑤Dancing control button: When the control button is clicked, it becomes a circle; when the control button is opened, it becomes a circle;

⑥Needle valve: control the flow of liquid paint spraying, and when spraying, it is controlled and controlled by the operation of the trigger. It is connected to the needle valve and there is a cap at the tail to adjust the extension of the needle valve. Here is the most basic operation of spray gun adjustment control;

  ⑦ Real thimble sleeve: seals;

⑧Fluid control button: When the trigger is pulled, it controls the liquid flow. When it is fully closed, no liquid will flow out even if the trigger is pulled down. When it is fully open, the liquid flow is the largest at this time. This is to adjust the automatic One of the most important originals of the spray gun;

  ⑨ Trigger: The trigger is used to control the flow of air and paint. When the trigger is pulled, the air is opened first, and then the thimble can be driven to move, and the rapid flow control valve is opened to make the paint spray out.

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