What are the advantages of air spray vs. electrostatic spray?


In daily production, we use manual spray guns, automati […]

In daily production, we use manual spray guns, automatic spray guns belong to air spraying, which uses compressed air provided by the compressor to spray the spray gun to complete the atomization of the paint. It is widely used in the surface treatment of modern machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobiles, medicine, home appliances, ceramics, metal/wood/stone and other fields. Long service life, simple structure and easy maintenance. The surface treatment of automobile modern industry is mainly divided into air spraying, airless spraying and electrostatic spraying. Next, talk about production and maintenance, construction and decoration, metal/wood/stone surface treatment, is an indispensable tooling equipment for modern mass production in large quantities. Next, talk about the advantages of air spray and electrostatic spray widely used in production
1. Compared with electrostatic spraying, air spraying has smaller volume and lighter weight.
2. Air spraying is more suitable for long-time work, and it can not work normally without overheating of the motor.
3. Air spraying is not used for electricity, only a pressure source, there is no danger of electric shock, and because there is no electricity, the tool itself will not generate sparks. While working in a high-voltage electric field has the potential to cause fire hazards due to electric sparks. There are strict rules for safe operation in electrostatic spraying. For example, the conveying equipment and the workpiece to be coated should always be in a good grounding state, but when spraying conductive paint, the paint pipeline Cannot be grounded.
4. Subsequent maintenance costs are much lower than electrostatic spraying.
5. Compared with electrostatic spraying, there are specific requirements for the conductivity of the paint and the solvent, and the volatility of the solvent. Sometimes, in order to meet the requirements of electrostatic spraying, the composition of the paint needs to be changed. Air spraying is suitable for various coatings.

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