What are the differences in the performance of liquid electrostatic spray guns?


High voltage external: 1. The high-voltage static elect […]

High voltage external:
1. The high-voltage static electricity of the high-voltage external automatic electrostatic spray gun is generated by the host, and the high-voltage static electricity transmitted to the working discharge needle of the spray gun through the high-voltage cable will inevitably produce high-voltage leakage and loss, so it is transmitted to the spray gun head The high-voltage static electricity of the Ministry will be greatly reduced.
2. Due to static electricity leakage, the discharge body of the external spray gun becomes the sum of the host, high-voltage cable and spray gun. The volume of the discharge body is very large. The generated electric field has electrostatic shielding characteristics if it encounters a small-sized metal cavity, etc. The workpiece will have a significant electrostatic shielding effect, which greatly reduces the working electric field strength and even approaches zero.
3. The occurrence of high-pressure leakage and loss, and the phenomenon of electrostatic shielding effect directly lead to that the external spray gun is not ideal for powder coating when spraying workpieces with complex shapes.
High voltage built-in:
1. The high-voltage static electricity of the built-in high-voltage automatic electrostatic spray gun occurs at the head of the spray gun and directly acts on the working electric field without leakage and loss in the transmission process.
2. The electrostatic discharge body of the built-in spray gun is concentrated on the discharge needle, which is almost equivalent to a dot-shaped discharge body. The main body of the discharge body (discharge needle) moves with the movement of the spray gun. When spraying metal that is prone to electrostatic shielding In the cavity, the discharge body can extend into the cavity, so that the effect of the electrostatic shielding effect is that the electric field strength outside the cavity is close to "0, but the electrostatic field strength inside the cavity I want to apply electrostatic spraying is not It will be affected by the electrostatic shielding effect, so the powdering rate is not affected.
3. Since the high-voltage static electricity of the built-in spray gun has no high-voltage leakage and loss, and can overcome the electrostatic shielding effect, it can exhibit a good and stable powdering rate when spraying workpieces with complicated shapes.

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