What are the essentials for spray gun operation?


1. Control of the trigger.   The spray gun is controlle […]

1. Control of the trigger.
  The spray gun is controlled by the trigger. The deeper the trigger, the greater the liquid flow rate. In the process of traditional electrostatic spraying equipment, the trigger is always depressed instead of half depressed. In order to avoid the accumulation of paint sprayed at the end of each shot, experienced painters should slightly relax the trigger to reduce the amount of paint.
2. The orientation of the spray gun to the surface of the substrate.
  The automatic spray gun should be vertical to the surface of the substrate, or try to keep it vertical. If the spray gun is a little skewed, the result will definitely cause the spray band to flow to one side, and the other side will appear thin and lack of paint, which is very likely to cause streak-like coating.
3. The distance between the spray gun and the surface of the substrate.
  For siphon spray guns, the best working interval is 15~20cm. If the interval is too close, flow may occur, and the color may even be inconsistent with expected when spraying metallic flash paint or pearl paint. If the interval is too far. If it exceeds 20cm, it may lead to dry spraying and overspraying, which will deteriorate the leveling of the coating. If sprayed metallic flash paint, there may also be the possibility of color change. The pressure feed spray gun can be farther away from the substrate. Generally, the best interval is 20 to 30 cm. These are the principles that must be followed when spraying.
Fourth, hold a gun.
The    spray gun is held by the palm, thumb, little finger and ring finger, and the middle finger and index finger pull the trigger. Some painters work for a long time and change the way they hold the gun from time to time. Sometimes they only use the thumb and the palm with the little finger, and sometimes they use the ring finger to hold the gun. The middle and index fingers are used to pull the trigger. Electrostatic spraying equipment can relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.

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