What are the furniture painting skills? (1)


Furniture is the most common in our lives. Every family […]

Furniture is the most common in our lives. Every family has more or less different types of furniture, so the painting of furniture is a very important issue for every furniture factory. Only a good spraying process can obtain a good surface treatment, and such an appearance can be favored by customers.
The specific process of painting furniture with a manual spray gun is as follows: varnish process (three bottoms and two sides)
1. Clean the surface of the furniture first. If there are pencil marks or other things, use sandpaper to sand them off; (note that the spacing edges should not be whitened when sanding)
2. Spray the primer once, and after drying, you can fill the pores of the board with putty (the color of the putty is generally darker than the color of the board with color powder, cooked rubber powder, double fly powder);
3. Polish the surface of the board or wooden lines with sandpaper;
4. Spray the primer for the first time;
5. After drying, it is blended with toner, cooked rubber powder and double fly powder. Putty hides nail holes and tree scars to make it the same as the color.

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