What are the misunderstandings in automobile spray paint?


1. Misunderstandings in the planning of workshop action […]

1. Misunderstandings in the planning of workshop action measures
Interference between each process
When planning the workshop action measures, it is necessary to ensure that the various processes do not interfere with each other during the spraying and baking process. But at the moment, many maintenance companies have some problems in this regard. For example, in a cold weather, many repairers move the paint finish work to the paint room in order to have a easing work situation. No harsh management was implemented. In this way, the destroyed objects in the polishing process will affect the spraying of the paint surface.
For large maintenance companies with a large number of maintenance vehicles, in order to achieve professional operation, it is best to equip a special grinding room to meet the needs of the paint repair shop, remove dust and exhaust gas from the dedicated maintenance shop, and ensure the working conditions Refreshing, improve the quality of spraying and baking paint, and protect the physical and mental health of production personnel.
The quality of maintenance is reduced due to simplification.
For maintenance companies with insufficient economic strength, they can be simple in the planning of workshop actions, but they cannot afford to lower the quality as the price. However, some companies are not standardized in this regard. For example, in the spray paint room or paint mixing room, the use of low-quality fluorescent lamps or even incandescent lamps, because of the poor light, affects the end of the color matching.
2. The lack of correct procedures in the manual color mixing process requires a correct procedure to ensure the end of the paint mix. Some maintenance personnel who are responsible for the deployment of car refinishing paints are not well-versed in the theory of tinting and do not appreciate the influence of the surrounding conditions on the color, so it is difficult to draw up a complete tinting procedure. For example, some maintenance personnel find that they have been mixing the paint in strict accordance with the rules during the paint mixing. However, there is still a certain gap between the model paint and the tinting paint, which makes the repair color paint and the original car paint impossible. Land matches, so at a loss. In reality, the tinting paint is wet and the sample paint is solid, so the mixed paint color should be slightly lighter than the sample color, not around the sides, and not too dark, so that the color of the paint will be the same after the paint dries, otherwise it will be too dark. The painter must correctly recognize the color and distinguish its true color. Specially, it is necessary to be able to distinguish the color paint that is handled, and also to be able to distinguish the heavy tones within this color scale in the color paint, including the darkness or brightness level, and the brightness or saturation of the color. In the color mixing process of car topcoats, different spraying methods need to be used to adjust brightness, chroma and hue to achieve the best color.


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