What are the precautions to understand when using automatic electrostatic spray gun?


The automatic electrostatic spray gun is a popular smal […]

The automatic electrostatic spray gun is a popular small electrostatic equipment in the modern spraying industry. Whether you are a big factory or a small factory, you can see its shadow in it. The reason is that the price is not only affordable, but also saves time and effort. What? Next, the editor will take you to understand the working principle of the automatic electrostatic spray gun, and then you will understand why I say it saves paint and saves time and effort. Automatic electrostatic spray gun is a kind of spraying method that uses the physical phenomenon of "electrostatic adsorption and embracing". To put it bluntly, it is different from ordinary spray guns in that it uses the principle of static electricity to allow paint particles to be brought in during the spraying process. Static charge, under the effect of electrostatic field force, this kind of charged paint particles will go to the grounded workpiece in a larger proportion, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing paint waste and improving production efficiency.
So what do we need to pay attention to when using the automatic electrostatic spray gun? Please see the following points.
1. When the spray gun needs to be cleaned after use, be sure to turn off the power first;
2. Then close the ball valve on the side of the electrostatic generator pressure regulator (pull the trigger to make sure that the gun has no air pressure);
3. Then take the oil suction pipe of the oil pump into the cleaning solvent and start pulling the trigger to spray the paint on the spray gun. Pick up the oil suction pipe and let the solvent in the oil pump finish spraying from the spray gun (or open the oil return pipe) to return the solvent After cleaning, turn off the air pressure on the oil pump;
4. Disassemble the nozzle and place it in a solvent (bubble the solvent bubble nozzle in a plastic cup, and then use the air gun to clean the nozzle when using it), pay attention to cleaning the nozzle carefully at the end of each operation. When cleaning the nozzle, do not pierce with metal such as iron wire, and do not use metal brush to clean.

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