What are the recommendations for spraying with a spray gun?


a. It is recommended to choose the size and quantity ac […]

a. It is recommended to choose the size and quantity according to 0.8m2 / 200ml. For the same color of the same work, it is best to choose the same batch of products to avoid regional color difference.
b. Before spray gun spraying, it is recommended to select similar products for simulation test. In order to achieve the desired effect.
c. Before use, shake the product up and down evenly for 2 minutes, and use the built-in glass ball to mix the paint and gas. In order to get the best results.
d. Press the spray head 25-35cm away from the spraying surface and move the spray can evenly to reach a spray strip. Spray up and down to produce a spray surface. Avoid continuous spraying at one zd point, which will cause backflow (tearing).
e. After use, if there is surplus in the tank, it must be reversed sprayed, that is, the tank is turned upside down and sprayed 2 to 5 times to use the gas to clean the remaining gas in the pipeline, otherwise the product will be blocked and scrapped after 1 hour.


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