What is the HVLP spray gun?


HVLP is the abbreviation of High Volume Low Pressur, an […]

HVLP is the abbreviation of High Volume Low Pressur, and the Chinese meaning is low-pressure air spraying in high flow. It is an environmental protection paint spraying standard set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is adopted by many countries around the world. The introduction of HVLP spray gun technology into the market in the 1970s in the United States attracted the attention of the EPA Air Quality Management Committee and finally defined the HVLP technology in the 1980s, that is, the transmission efficiency of spray equipment or spray guns (that is, paint utilization Rate) must be higher than (for example, the transmission efficiency of XX HVLP environmental protection spray guns and sprayers is as high as 83%): the air outlet pressure at the nozzle is equal to or less than 10PSI (about 068 kg/cm2), and has been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency authorized authority In order to call it HVLP spraying equipment.
At present, due to the first-class spray quality of HVLP spray equipment, super portability, economy and environmental protection, most of the fine spraying in foreign sites, such as cars, airplanes, Youwang, furniture, cabinets, sanitary ware spraying, etc. The use of HVLP spraying equipment can not only obtain high-quality surface effects, but also save a lot of paint, which reduces the unit cost of construction by about 5o% and is convenient and fast.

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