What should be paid attention to when using paint spray gun?


Paint spray guns can be used to spray paint for various […]

Paint spray guns can be used to spray paint for various products such as furniture, automobiles, doors and windows, machinery and equipment. When we use paint spray guns, we must pay attention to the following conditions, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also protect our paint Spray gun to extend service life.
1. Never immerse the paint spray gun in the solvent (use a neutral cleaning fluid to clean the spray gun, pay attention to the PH value of the cleaning fluid between 6 and 8);
2. Please clean the automatic spray gun in time after each use;
3. Use original tools to clean the spray gun;
4. After cleaning the spray gun, please dry it thoroughly;
5. After using or cleaning the spray gun, please place it on a suitable spray gun hanger;
6. Please use original tools to install and remove paint spray gun accessories;
7. Install and remove the three-piece nozzle set according to the correct steps;
8. Do not use damaged nozzles;
9. Regularly check or replace the sealing ring of the automatic spray gun;
10. Adjust the spray amplitude adjustment knob with appropriate strength;
11. Use clean compressed air;
12. Adjust the correct air pressure according to the paint company's recommendations;
13. Use the spray frame quality monitoring kit to check the status of the spray gun regularly, and do a test spray frame before painting.

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