Why does the automatic spray gun fail during use?


Everyone should not be unfamiliar with automatic spray […]

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with automatic spray guns. The functions of the equipment are very good, so they are widely used. Anyone who knows an automatic spray gun should know that the nozzle is its main component, and if it fails, it will affect the use effect to a large extent. Next, let's take a look at the reasons for the failure of the automatic spray gun during use.
1. Erosion. When the high-velocity liquid passes through the metal surface at the nozzle hole, the nozzle hole will be eroded, causing the nozzle pressure to decrease and the spray state to become irregular. The probability of nozzle erosion depends on the type and amount of chemical materials used in the spray pressure of the liquid hardness. In addition, the particles in the liquid will also cause serious erosion of the nozzle.
2. Accidental damage. If you do not operate according to the requirements when using the automatic spray gun, accidental damage will easily occur, which will also affect the performance to a large extent.
3. Corrosion. The use of paint spray guns needs to be matched with the paint, and the use of any paint has a certain chemical composition, which will cause corrosion, which will also cause damage to a large extent, and the performance will be greatly reduced.
Now, do you have a certain understanding of the causes of damage to automatic spray guns and paint spray guns, you need to take correct measures to prevent them when using them, and replace the nozzles that have been seriously damaged in time, otherwise they will Cause other problems.



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