Some points to note when spraying


1. average coating distribution 2.The coating must not […]

1. average coating distribution
2.The coating must not be too thick or too thin
The distance between the nozzle outlet and the object to be coated is called the gun distance. The smaller the gun distance, the greater the spray pressure, and the greater the impact of the air pressure on the product, and the coating will be uneven, resulting in the problem of excessive thickness. The larger the gun distance, the smaller the spray pressure, and the paint is easy to lose, so that the part to be coated is sprayed too little, and the coating cannot reach the specified thickness. The spraying fan surface is perpendicular to the object surface. When manually operating the spray gun, the spray width should not be too large, otherwise the problem of average coating will occur. The purpose of the spray gun operation should always be parallel to the surface of the object to be coated, perpendicular to the spray fan surface, unstable running rate, uneven coating thickness, too fast running rate, too thin coating, too slow running rate, and too thick coating.

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