Causes of automatic spray gun failure during use


1. Erosion. When the liquid with a high flow rate passe […]

1. Erosion. When the liquid with a high flow rate passes through the metal surface at the nozzle hole, it will erode the nozzle hole, causing the nozzle pressure to decrease and the spray state to become irregular. The probability of nozzle erosion depends on the hardness of the liquid and the amount of chemical materials used in the spray pressure. In addition, particulate impurities in the liquid will also cause the nozzle to be severely eroded.
2. Accidental damage. If the automatic spray gun is not used in accordance with the requirements, it will easily cause accidental damage, which will greatly affect the performance.
3. Corrosion. The use of paint spray guns needs to be matched with paint, and the use of any paint has a certain chemical composition, which will cause corrosion, which will also cause damage to a large extent, and the use performance will be greatly reduced.

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