What are the main points of automatic spray gun maintenance?


1. Always check the needle valve, gasket, and air valve […]

1. Always check the needle valve, gasket, and air valve gasket seals for leaks, and replace them in a timely manner; oil should be applied to the seal gasket frequently to make it soft and facilitate sliding.
2. The thread of the air cap of the gun, the adjustment knob for the amount of paint sprayed and the air adjustment knob should befrequently oiled to ensure flexible movement; the springs of the spray gun thimble and the air valve should also be lubricated to preventrust and facilitate sliding.
3. The spray gun should not be disassembled at random. When disassembling, it should be noted that the rectangular parts should not bestuck with garbage and paint. The air cap and nozzle should not have any damage. After assembly, adjust to the original state. Pull the trigger to test the air and paint. Spray effect.
4. The spray gun should be thoroughly checked before use to ensure that the spray gun is in good condition before it can be used.
5. When using the spray gun, avoid collision with the object to be coated or fall to the ground, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and cannot be used.
6. When the work is suspended, the gun head should be immersed in the solvent to prevent the paint from drying out and blocking the nozzle; but the entire spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gasket of each part and cause air leakage 3. The phenomenon of paint leakage.
7. The spray gun should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the paint channel will be blocked (especially 2K paint), it will be difficult to clean in the future, and even cannot be used again. After cleaning the spray gun, connect the paint pipe and compressed air pipe for test spraying, adjust the fan profile of the spray gun. The fan-shaped angle of the manual air spray gun is: 70-80 degrees.

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