How to use automatic spray gun? (2)


1. Nozzle set When replacing the nozzle set, choose the […]

1. Nozzle set
When replacing the nozzle set, choose the same model as the spray gun. Nozzle set includes, qualified needle assembly, nozzle and gas cap. The air cap of the automatic spray gun should be placed where the mark is located. Only original parts can ensure the highest quality and service life.
2. Correctly adjust the compressed air inlet pressure of the gun tail
Taking the Weiwei brand produced in Italy as an example, such as the Guinness (HTE, GEO) spray gun, only a pressure of 2.0-2.5 bar is needed to achieve the best atomization effect.
3. Spraying distance
In order to avoid over-range spraying and poor spraying effect, the rock spray gun must determine the distance between the air cap and the workpiece by the spray gun type and paint. For example, the best spraying distance of Guinness (HTE, GEO) spray gun is 20cm.
4. Spray angle
When spraying, the spray gun and the workpiece should be kept at 90o. That is, the workpiece and the needle of the spray gun should be kept 90o perpendicular.
5. Spray control button
The spray pattern control knob is used for stepless adjustment of the spray pattern: Left-hand rotation: increase the spray pattern. Right-hand: Turn down the spray pattern.
6. Clean after use
After each use, the spray gun must be cleaned in time. Do not immerse the spray gun in thinner for a long time. This will cause the seal ring of the spray gun to age and cause damage to the spray gun. At the same time, attention should be paid to the order of disassembly and assembly of the nozzle, the thimble should be removed first, then the air vent, and finally the nozzle. The installation is performed in reverse order. After cleaning, an appropriate amount of special lubricant for the spray gun can be added to the active part of the spray gun.

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